Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 Reality Shows That Should Be Combined

It seems in today's society reality TV seems to be the craze. There is everything from dating-based competition, job search, sports, self-improvement/makeover, renovation, social experiment, talk shows (GO TOSH.O), hidden camera, hoaxes, supernatural, etc. That's just to name a few. There's probably a little debate on when reality TV hit it big. Some say it was with cops in 1989, or with Americas Funniest Home Videos in the same year. It could also be the 1st Real World which aired in in 1992. Reality TV however can be traced back to1948 with Allen Funt's Candid Camera followed by the classic game shows of the 60's and 70's .But I think we all can agree that there is at least one reality show out there that is your guilty pleasure. So I wanted to share my thoughts on 3 Reality Shows that should be combined to make the ultimate programming experience.

1. Celebrity Apprentice meets Big Brother
- We'll start off with a PG one and work our way up to the juicy stuff. As Americans we've always had an infatuation with celebrities and the gossip and drama that follow them. I never really got the big idea, they are just people like you an me. But I guess some peoples lives are that dull, boring, and worthless where they have to keep up with their favorite celebs. Here's the premise of the show. Lock all the celebs down in a house being filmed 24/7 and watch what happens. Celebs have some pretty big egos and we all know what happens when giant egos collide, drama and chaos prevail. I can see it now, non stop arguments about who is the bigger celebrity, who makes the most money, and who had sex with who. Being filmed 24/7 will be able to show you how your favorite celebs really are, people and douche bags just like us. This is actually something that could possibly be a show in the future, but my next 2 are a little bit more TV MA..

2. Celebrity Rehab meets Survivor
- How Awesome would this be! Have a bunch of drug addicted celebs on a deserted island fighting for immunity to be the last one sober. This would actually be beneficial for them. What better way to get off drugs than on a tropical island with blazing heat and no drugs within 100's of miles. No cell phones, computers, agents, managers, of anyone who waited on them hand and foot. The families will just setup them up to be kidnapped and taken to the island so the don't have time to prepare and they'll have no clue what is going on. Once on the island Jeff Probst will jump out of the bushes to bear the news of what is going on. I can see it now, 12 celebs quitting cold turkey thrown into a situation they had no idea was coming. I'd imagine there would be a lot of people going at each others throats and comments like "you know who I am". When 1 of them wins a challenge they do not only get immunity but will also get a small portion of the drug of their choice. Granted this beats the purpose of sobering up, but I'm looking for something hilarious and not something that's a tear jerker.

3. Top Shot meets any VH1 dating show
- Dating shows are by far the worst reality TV and VH1 took it to the next level of horrible programming. These shows search for the nastiest, skanky dumb women they can find to compete for the heart of a "Fake" celebrity. The big networks at least add in some women with a brain and a little, I mean a little class. The plot of this show is plain and simple. The top shot competitors just pick off all the contestants 1 by 1 while running around in an enclosed area. The last one standing wins their life. No need to make it an entire season, just one 2 hour special for your viewing pleasure. Watch your favorite dirty girls of all time be eliminated 1 by 1! This would also be a HUGE favor to America, getting rid of these filthy pieces of trash with the IQ of a rock. They make me ashamed to call myself an American. Granted we have a lot of self freedoms, but being a flashy whore should be outlawed and be enforced with the death penalty. Or they could just join these shows joint venture.

Jersey Shore Season 2 Premiere tonight @ 10:00PM (My guilty pleasure thanks to a gentleman named Dave U.)

See ya tomorrow.

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