Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First Blog Post

So en light of the the 21st century I have finally decided to break down and create a blog about my thoughts on life, culture, and to make fun of dumb people. I guess I'll start out about telling you all a little about myself so you can get idea where I'm coming from . 1st and foremost I have an awesome family who I would do anything and everything for. I grew up in STL and moving away from the placenta of the US was the best thing I ever did. Granted I miss the Cardinals and Imo's pizza but the place sucks away your dignity and soul and puts your balls in a grinder. I spent some time in good ole Dirty Jersey which was pretty sweet but the northeast is for rich folk and Guido's. (Jersey Shore season 2 on Thursday 7/29) yes that was a plug. I went to school for recording and business and spent about 3 years working in hip hop which was definitely a 24/7 hustle. I did little bit of everything from A&R, contract negotiations, and eventually took the head engineer position at Phat Buddha Productions. Unfortunately, music is a grimy and dirty industry where the only way to make it is to suck ass, and I told myself long ago never to go ass to mouth....NEVER. So that brings us to the present. I'm not going to mention what I do or where I work cause that adds to the mystery of the legendary "Cheeks Ba Deeks" (thanks Jodi P), plus there's nothing really to exciting about my work besides my uber hip cubicle neighbor. So that's it for my first ever blog post, and there will be many more funny and exciting ones to come. But I'll leave you with a thought of the day...nevermind...I forgot what I was going to say.


  1. I think you should blog about the bee in the car...just sayin.

  2. I just might have too. We still talk about that all the time..